Rebates and Incentives

Oil to Heat Pump Program

Up to $1,700 incentives to switch from oil heating to heat pumps. Eligible homeowners in CVRD electoral areas receive an additional $400 incentive.

Wood Stove Exchange Program

$250 rebate to upgrade a non-EPA wood stove to a new qualified heating appliance.

BC Hydro & FortisBC Home Renovation Rebate Program

Multiple incentives available for increasing home energy efficiency.

Low Flush Toilet Rebate

$75 rebate for upgrading inefficient (13L per flush) toilet to high efficiency toilet.

Smart Control Irrigation Rebate

$300 rebate for the purchase of a qualifying smart irrigation controller

Water Leak Rebate

Billing adjustment for homeowners that have experienced a water leak resulting in above average consumption of water.

PLAY – Providing Leisure Access for You Program

Provides access to recreation programs for low income families.