The Civic Centre – Regional Office Building Project

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Project Background

For several years the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has been working towards a board strategic priority of developing a regional office facility. The CVRD office is an extremely important aspect of CVRD operations offering essential services to residents and also houses key assets including IT infrastructure, corporate records and fleet vehicles. The current office is problematic due to its flood prone location, inadequate space and expensive lease cost.

An analysis was completed in 2014 which evaluated a preferred site location on Harmston Avenue in Courtenay. This particular site was determined as the desired location due to the proximity to the downtown Courtenay core, being currently zoned for government uses, and the ability to partner with the City of Courtenay and School District 71 (SD71)

The CVRD in partnership with the City and SD71 have successfully completed a property purchase agreement. In the first phase of this agreement, the CVRD purchased a vacant piece of land from SD71 upon which a new regional office will be constructed.

In a second phase, which will happen in 2021, the CVRD will purchase the adjacent property currently occupied by the SD71 administration offices. The school district will have the option to remain at this location with a 99 year lease from the CVRD, or move to a new office at a different location. By securing these two properties the CVRD will be able to construct a new office and ensure adjacent property is available for future local government uses. The total cost to the CVRD for the acquisition of the land will be $1.2 million, with a value of $365,000 assigned to prepaid rent for a long-term lease to SD71 to permit the school district to remain on the phase two land. As part of this agreement, there will also be a land exchange between the City of Courtenay and SD71 to secure Harmston Park as City owned land.

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