The CVRD has a board of 10 directors, comprising electoral area directors who are elected directly by rural area voters and serve three-year terms, and municipal directors who are first elected to a municipal council and are then appointed by council to the regional district board for a maximum term of three years. Annually, the board elects its chair who establishes committees to deal with issues such as land use planning, environmental management, water supply, etc.

Most matters, when dealt with at the board table, are voted on a one person-one vote basis, but there are certain issues that are voted on using a “weighted vote”. The weighted vote is determined by population. Every municipality and electoral area is designated one vote for every 1,500 in population. No municipal director is permitted more than five votes, therefore the City of has four representatives with a total of 17 votes, and the Town of Comox has two representatives for a total of 10 votes on the board.

The regional district provides services such as preparation of overall plans for the region; assistance with Official Community Plans; approval/inspection services to encourage and ensure compliance; awareness and education; water and air enhancement; solid and liquid waste management; impact assessment; encouragement of environmentally appropriate development; protective services such as 911, fire prevention/suppression, disaster response, search and rescue and animal control; recreation and culture, such as development and management of parks, greenways, recreation and exhibition facilities; public utilities and services such as water supply, public transit, street lighting; economic development: regional planning and encouragement of sustainable economic development; and advocacy, which is ensuring that provincial and federal governments understand regional needs and priorities.

Following the restructure of the Comox Strathcona Regional District (CSRD) to the CVRD and the SRD in February 2008, three services that extend beyond the CVRD boundaries continue to be provided by the CVRD: Black Creek / Oyster Bay water, Black Creek and  Oyster Bay fire protection and regional solid waste.

The CVRD board membership for these services expands to include: