Black Creek - Oyster Bay Water System

The Black Creek Oyster Bay water system (BCOB) is owned and operated by the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). It is made up of two reservoirs, one pump station and a chlorination station that provide water to approximately 2,200 area residents. Over the years it has become evident the current infrastructure will not be able to support the future water demands on the system. The CVRD has been working to assess the capacity of existing infrastructure and identify necessary capital improvements. The regional district is also investigating alternative water sources in the hopes of improving capacity of the system.

Black Creek-Oyster Bay Facilities

  • Reservoirs - MaCaulay Road and Kelland Road reservoirs.
  • Pump Stations - Black Creek reservoir supply water to Kelland Road reservoir.
  • Chlorination Station - The chlorination station is located near the source in Oyster River Nature Park.


The Kelland reservoir was completed in June 2016 and is providing improved water pressure for the community.