Water System

The Comox Valley water system serves approximately 45,000 people. The CVRD also operates three other water systems in the Comox Valley. The Black Creek / Oyster Bay system provides water to approximately 2,200 people; the Royston water system provides water to approximately 2,000 people, while the Denman Island water system serves approximately 50 residents.

Water is collected from rivers, lakes and aquifers throughout the region, and flows through a network of reservoirs, pumping stations and transmission mains or pipes.  There are several water systems at work in our region.  The CVRD supplies bulk water to distribution systems operated by the City of Courtenay and Town of Comox.  The CVRD also manages and operates the following Electoral Area water systems:

EA 'A' Water Service Area [PDF - 649 KB]
EA 'B' Water Service Area
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EA 'C' Water Service Area
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Water Infrastructure includes

Comox Valley Facilities

  • Reservoirs - The West Courtenay, Marsden, Comox, Crown Isle and East Courtenay reservoirs are required for fire storage, emergency storage, water pressure and to balance flow throughout the day (including meeting peak hourly demand).
  • Pump Stations - The Ryan and Dingwall pump stations are required to distribute water throughout the supply system when gravity supply is not possible.  The Puntledge River pump station is the Comox Valley's backup source during periods when BC Hydro is undertaking maintenance or repairs on the penstock.
  • Chlorination Facility - The chlorination station on the Puntledge River is required to disinfect the water to safe standards set out in the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.
  • Supply Watermains - Supply, or transmission, watermains are required to distribute large volumes of water throughout the system, for example from the chlorination station to the reservoirs.