Water Source & Supply

The Comox Valley water system: water originates in Comox Lake and is taken from the Puntledge River (delivers water to approximately 45,000 residents) 

  • Black Creek/Oyster Bay water system: water originates in groundwater wells and from the Oyster River (delivers water to 2,200 residents & in the summertime up to 6,000)
  • Royston water system provides water to approximately 2,000 residents
  • Denman Island water system: water is currently drawn from wells, delivering water to 50 residents

Our Local Water is a Shared Resource

Water in the CVRD is a shared resource and needs to be used efficiently. The water from Comox Lake and the Puntledge River is licensed and used primarily by BC Hydro for electricity generation and by Fisheries and Oceans Canada for hatchery purposes and other habitat projects. In addition, the water source has numerous important ecological values and uses. 

In June 2013, the CVRD completed an application for an additonal water license to provide further capacity to supply the next 25 years of projected growth in the Comox Valley water system service area. 

Additional Water Licence Application and Outcomes

Watershed Reports

Further information about the Comox Lake watershed and water system can be found in the following reports: