Water Conservation

Without changing your comfort or lifestyle, the following water efficiency tips provide opportunities for you to reduce your water use. 

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Water Efficiency Tips

1. Go Low Flow
Retrofitting your home for water efficiency is easy.  New technology allows huge reductions in water use with the same or better performance than older technology. Install low flow showerheads and faucets and replace older, water-guzzling toilets and appliances with more water efficient versions.

2. Rethink Outdoor Water Use
Water consumption triples during summer months as a result of outdoor water use.  Luckily there are many easy ways of using water efficiently without sacrificing the beauty and enjoyment of your yard.
Remember your lawn needs less than one-inch of water per week to be healthy. To support your efforts substitute traditional landscaping with “naturescaping” which places emphasis on plants that grow naturally and require less water. Also, consider collecting and using rainwater as much as possible. Finally, instead of using a hose or pressure washer to clean driveways, siding, fences and other areas around the yard, use a broom, bucket and brush or another water efficient method.

3. If it Doesn't Need to Flow, Stop it
Unnecessary water use can happen both inside and outside the house. It can really add up to large volumes and is totally avoidable. Ensure that toilets, faucets, irrigation systems and outdoor hoses aren't leaking and when performing simple tasks such as brushing teeth and doing dishes, make sure to turn the tap off.

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