Funding and Public Assent (AAP)

Comox Valley Water Treatment Project

The CVRD used the Alternative Approval Process (AAP) to seek consent from residents to borrow up to $29 million needed to build the new water treatment system

In an Alternative Approval Process those who do not support borrowing public funds for a capital project may submit an elector response form indicating their opposition. The number of eligible electors for this AAP was determined to be 47,845. The Chief Electoral Officer reported that 31 electoral response forms were submitted, under the 10% threshold needed to take the matter to a referendum.

The Comox Valley Regional District may now proceed with borrowing the necessary funds to undertake the project.

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Questions about the Alternative Approval Process (APP) can be directed to Legislative Services at 250-334-6000 or at:

For more information about the Comox Valley Water Treatment Project please see the following documents:


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