Freedom of Information

Safeguarding Public Documents

The Comox Valley Regional District has a policy in place to manage its records management and classification system based on the best practices in British Columbia local government. This system indicates the length of time records are to be kept active and in storage, and whether the records are to be destroyed.

The corporate legislative officer annually reviews those records that exceed their retention limit and authorizes those records for destruction. A list of records that have been destroyed is maintained permanently.

In 2005 the regional district took a lead role in electronic technology by producing electronic agendas and minutes. In keeping with that lead, in 2006, the regional district introduced an electronic filing system where whenever possible, all letters, staff reports and third party documents are stored electronically on the regional district network.

Using secure software, documents are created that cannot be edited or changed and these documents can then be searched for content and printed or emailed to whomever is requesting the information thereby providing staff with much more efficient and effective means of locating documents.