Establishing a Service

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) provides services that are an integral part of everyday life. Services are established and provided in direct response to expressed needs. When an individual, organization or local government wishes to establish a service such as water or sewer there is a process involved which includes the creation of a bylaw.

The Local Government Act (part 10) provides authority for the CVRD establish a service and levy a tax to recover all or part of the costs of a service provided within a local service area. 

Living within the CVRD you may desire a certain service. Below is a brief overview of the process for establishing a service.

Overall timing for establishing a service can range from a few months for very straight-forward services with an uncomplicated service delivery model to more than one year if the service is more complicated, involves multiple jurisdictions, requires third-party service delivery partners and/or does not have a clear and specific mandate from the outset.