Sports Centre

Background info regarding ammonia refrigeration system in our ice arenas

The Comox Valley Sports Centre ice rinks utilize an ammonia refrigeration system which is industry practice in the ice arena sector. Anhydrous ammonia, a refrigerant, is a toxic gas therefore there are required safeguards in place to ensure the safety of the public and facility employees.

Arena ice refrigeration plants undergo regular inspections and safety audits conducted by Technical Safety BC (formerly the BC Safety Authority). They set the standard for all ice rink refrigeration systems in the province to ensure safety procedures are followed, and the ammonia plants are maintained and monitored.  We work closely with our certified staff and Technical Safety BC representatives to ensure we are compliant at all times.

In addition the CVRD reviews facility safety procedures for employees and patrons, and safety equipment is tested frequently. There are also emergency response measures in place where residents, schools, and businesses in the immediate vicinity will be notified of any hazard. Public and staff safety is a priority of the CVRD. The Comox Valley Curling Centre, owned by the Comox Valley Regional District and operated by the Comox Valley Curling Club, does not have an ammonia plant, rather it is a freon refrigeration unit.

Facility Features

The Sports Centre, which is wheelchair accessible, includes 2 ice arenas, a 6-lane 25-metre fitness pool, wellness centre/weight room, sauna, whirlpool, sports track and field, and meeting/multipurpose rooms.

Drop-in to the Sports Centre to work out in the wellness centre,  swim lengths, participate in seasonal noon hour or shinny hockey, or register for wellness programs, swimming, hockey, or skating lessons. 

Checkout the Recreation Guide for more information on our recreation programs and activities.

Please ensure you have the appropriate permit displayed in your vehicle for use of the parking stalls for those with disabilities.


Cell Phones and Cameras

No cell phones or cameras are permitted in the change rooms, in order to prevent them being used to take and circulate photos. Video and photos may be taken on the pool deck only with participant permission. Signage is in place in the facilities and we appreciate your cooperation.

Facility Rentals

Contact us for information on ice or dry floor arena rentals or any other facility rentals. Check out our birthday parties and pool rentals page.

Need help? Call a customer service representative at 250-334-9622, ext. 0.