Arts and Culture Service

The CVRD established an arts and culture grant service in January 2014, following an alternative approval process (AAP) which allowed the establishment of the service.

The service will provide an annual contribution towards sustainable funding for non-profit organizations and societies that own or operate community facilities and public meeting places. It establishes a consistent, five-year level of funding for various organizations, which provides them, and the regional district, with greater financial certainty. The money is able to be used to assist with the protection, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the arts and culture facilities.

The organizations that would receive funding under this service, initially, are:

  • Comox Valley Art Gallery
  • Comox Valley Community Arts Council
  • Comox Valley Farmers Market
  • Pearl Ellis Gallery of Fine Arts Society
  • Sid Williams Civic Theatre Society
  • Cumberland Museum and Archives
  • Courtenay and District Museum and Palaeontology Centre
  • Comox Archives and Museum Society