Tenders & RFPs

In the interest of fair, open and transparent procurement the CVRD will post bid opportunities to this page as well as BC Bid and other sources.

General Information:

  • For questions pertaining to a specific opportunity, please refer to the contact details in the bid document.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted unless otherwise stated in the bid documents.
  • Bidders are encouraged to carefully review bid documents in their entirety to ensure their bids comply with the terms and conditions of the procurement and avoid disqualification.
  • For general inquiries contact via email.
Bidding Opportunity Closing
RFP - Engineering Services for the Greenwood Trunk Sanitary Sewer [PDF - 66 KB] 2 pm, August 24
RFQ - Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds On-site Operations Contractor [PDF - 66 KB] 2 pm, August 17
RFP - Oyster River/Saratoga Beach Flood Risk Assessment [PDF - 66 KB] 2 pm, August 10
RFQ - Demolition Services [PDF - 60 KB] 2 pm, August 3
RFP - Benefits Consultant [PDF - 59 KB] 2 pm, July 27
Tender Tabulation - Hudson Trunk Sanitary Sewer Upgrade [PDF - 22 KB]

 The Purchasing Management Services policy can be found here [PDF - 253 KB].